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Host up to 8 web sites
10 GB of space
Best plan for starters!
Miniweb, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB
You can extend functionality, space, and domains
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9,99 €/month
Host up to 24 web sites
20 GB of space
Miniweb, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB
You can extend functionality, space, and domains
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25,00 €/month
Host up to 116 web sites
60 GB of space
Miniweb, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB
You can extend functionality, space, and domains
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83,25 €/month

We have a reseller plan for you: review all our plans

The most advanced multidomain hosting

We are part of your team

Our job is to give you the necessary peace of mind to allow you focus on what's really important: serve your customers, develop marketing strategies, increase your sales, create web projects,...

Free migrations

We provide professional and totally free migration service for any website currently hosted on another provider. Contact us, tell us what you need and let us take care of it.

The friendliest reseller Panel

Our Reseller Panel is really easy to use. It allows you to do everything you need quickly and intuitively, there are no incompressible features nor hidden options.

Relevant notifications

Thanks to the notifications system integrated into the Reseller Panel you will be informed of any incident that may affect the quality of our services: incidents, problems in the mail, notices of lack of space, notices of lack of resources, etc.

White label

Give your client's access to our White Label service management panel. This panel offers the same functionality as our Hosting Panel and, additionally, you can customize it with your logo.

Choose between 5 data centers

Select the physical location of your website between any of our data centers: Ireland, Madrid, Germany, Brazil and California. Your web sites, the closer to your clients, the better.

Full functionality

Our reseller plans offer all the functionality and tehcnologies you need: Miniweb, PHP7, PHP5, Ruby 2.4, NodeJS 8, Python 3.5, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SSH access, Git, Subversion and much more.

Almost infinite space

We don’t offer infinite space, but you can assign all the space you want to the different hosting accounts created under your reseller plan. We don’t care about how much space you assign, we only take into account the space usage.

Distritube power as needed

When you create or modify a hosting from your Reseller Panel you can choose between 3 different levels of performance. This allows you to assign more power to the websites that have higher resource usage.

No absurd limits

Our reseller plans are recognized for their flexibility to assign different resources and capabilities to each hosting account. We don’t force unnecessary limits as the number of mailboxes or the amount of databases, you only need to worry about actually used space and points.

Superior stability and performance

The competition's reseller plans work so that several resellers create hosting accounts on a single server, which always leads to saturated servers and slow loading websites. In our service, hosting accounts are created on different servers which never get saturated because we continuously add more servers.

The most powerful and intuitive reseller panel

More reasons why our service shines

Satisfaction Guarantee

We only want happy clients, so we give you 45 days to decide whether or not you like the service. If you do not like it we give your money back with no questions or complications.

The best customer service

We are known for providing excellent customer service to both technical and management and billing issues.

24x7 thecnical support

We take care of your urgent consultations immediately 24 hours a day. For the rest we take some more time, what is needed to give you a clear and satisfactory answer.

Quality infrastructure

Our cloud service is reliable and stable because it is supported on a high quality infrastructure that is managed by exceptional people.

The best documentation

We want to provide an exceptional service. Therefore, our Help Center is full of guides and tutorial videos that explain clearly how to use our services.

We always keep you informed

In our blog we announce all the news that interest you. In Status of Guebs we will notify any incident. We also send out a newsletter every month.

R3 R10 R20 R50
Resources included
Websites Up to 8 * Up to 48 * Up to 116 *
Space 10 GiB 25 GiB 60 GiB
Data transfer Not limited Not limited Not limited
Possible upgrades
Ruby On Rails
MySQL database
PostgreSQL database
MongoDB database
CloudFlare CDN
SSH Access
Git and Subversion
Email Accounts
Mailing Lists
AntiSpam and AntiVirus
Hosting Panel
Web Builder
Application Installer
Development forge
Infrastructure and SecurityShow
Choose your website's physical location
Cloud type infrastructure
Daily backups
24x7 monitoring
SSL certificateFree!
Monthly 15,00 € 54,00 € 100,00 €
Quarterly 40,00 € 146,00 € 250,00 €
Semiannually 70,00 € 279,00 € 500,00 €
Annual 119,90 € 529,00 € 999,00 €
Biannual 216,00 € 949,00 € 1798,00 €
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* Number of web sites: refers to the maximum number of web sites with own domain that you can host from the beginning. Although depending on the selected hosting type and performance levels, the amount of sites could be smaller or larger. In any case, it refers to the initial amount and you can extend this whenever you want.

Service extensions

Additional Domains

To be able to host more domains you have to increase the number of points. Each point costs 10,00 € per year, while an additional domain is the cost of 1 or 2 points.

Additional drive space

You can add additional space for 1,50 € monthly per GB.

Additional data transfer

You can buy additional data transfer at a rate of 0,50 € monthly per GiB.


Larger PostgreSQL plan

If you need more space for your PostgreSQL databases, you can purchase any of the following upgrades:

  • PostgreSQL with 5 GB of space by 18,00 €/month
  • PostgreSQL with 10 GB of space by 35,00 €/month

Only SSL Certificate

RapidSSL Certificate

The SSL certificate used by most of our customers. Only 30,00 € annually.

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

Valid to protect any subdomain of a specific domain. Only 130,00 € yearly

GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate

Certificate that provides additional security and aditional confidence to the user, because allows you to include in your web the dynamic button GeoTrust. Only per 120,00 € annual.

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV Certificate

All the advantages of GeoTrust True BusinessID, but also thanks to the EV technology, increases the safety perception of your users by highlighting in green the address bar. Only per 175,00 € annual.

* It is recommended to buy SSL certificate and dedicated IP address. If you only buy a SSL certificate your HTTPS / SSL website won’t be accessible to users of Internet Explorer in Windows XP or other system that does not support SNI.

SSL certificate and dedicated IP address

RapidSSL certificate and dedicated IP

Only per 60,00 € annual can protect all your web traffic by SSL encryption.

Dedicated IP and RapidSSL Wildcard certificate

Valid to protect any subdomain of a specific domain. Only 160,00 € yearly

Dedicated IP and GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificate

Basically the same encryption of RapidSSL but with the added value of the GeoTrust brand, which gives confidence to your users. Only per 125,00 € annual.

Is this the hosting service I need?

We recommend hiring a reseller plan to every business, professional or individual who needs to host several websites.

It is the most suitable service for web development professionals or companies, advertising agencies, web designers, individuals who have many web sites, hosting resellers, etc.

A reseller plan is a service that gives you access to a tool from which you can create shared hosting accounts, without hiring a new hosting service whenever you want to host a new client and also you benefit from better prices.

What Reseller plan do recommend me?

Calculate how many web sites with their own domain would you like to host within 1 month. Once you know it choose the plan that offers the same amount or more of domains.

How long it take to activate the service?

Once payment is received we proceed to the immediate activation of the service. If you're in a hurry it is best to pay with card, as we will activate the service in a couple of hours or less.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and bank transfer or deposit. When you are already a customer you can also pay by direct debit. More information on Payment methods.

What do I do if I want to host more websites than those included in the plan?

You can switch to a higher reseller plan or buy additional domains..

How I can expand or change a reseller plan?

It is made from the Reseller Panel, within the Client Area. The guide How to expand a reseller plan explains how to do it.

What happens when I reach the transfer limit?

Your web sites will continue to function normally. At the end of the month, if the excess is greater than 1 GiB will be charged as published in Extensions and Extras.

How I can create, modify or delete hosting accounts?

It is very easy. It is made from the Reseller Panel, within the Client Area. The guideHow to create a hosting account explains how to do it.

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