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Corporate Email

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Our Corporate Mail is the solution your organization needs to optimize and improve teamwork, since it facilitates the coordination and collaboration among peers.

Corporate Mail Account

  • 3 GB of capacity
  • Shared appointment book and calendars
  • Virtual hard drive
  • Total Mobility
Only 2,95 €/month Free First Month!
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Corporate Email
Insuperable Webmail

Insuperable Webmail

Webmail interface is simply outstanding: quick, powerful, intuitive and attractive. And there's more, includes a search engine that actually founds, support for 16 different languages and optimized version for mobile devices.

Total Mobility

Instant and easy setup of your email, calendar and address book on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Perfect for Android and Windows Phone devices thanks to the full support of Exchange ActiveSync, including receiving real-time email using Direct Push technology.

Total Mobility
Contact agenda

Contact agenda

Create, manage, and share contact groups from the browser, mobile devices or from your computer. Share contacts with specific individuals, groups or domains.

Collaborative Calendar

The web interface of the calendar is elegant and intuitive. Connect from remote, syncs with Outlook® and other mail clients, connect your Mac with CalDAV and sync your iPhone or ActiveSync mobile. Calendars supports recurring events, invitations and alerts. Create and share calendars with individuals or groups.

Collaborative Calendar
Private and secure mail

Private and secure mail

Your emails and documents are only yours, only you have access. Also, everything is stored in Spain, in a maximum security data center and Fulfilling with all legal requirements.

Virtual hard drive

Store your photos, videos and files on your virtual drive. Share attachments and documents with colleagues and access them from anywhere. Store all your files, documents and music in an orderly and safe way.

Virtual hard drive

What is this service?

This is a very similar service to Microsoft Exchange, where employees in your organization will have email accounts with advanced capacities for sharing contacts, calendars and files.

Who is this service aimed to?

To all those organizations that make extensive use of email or for those organizations that need an agenda of global contacts for the entire organization. It is also perfect for business that want to coordinate through shared calendars and contacts.

What is the difference with Microsoft Exchange?

Our Corporate Mail does not offer all the functionality that Exchange offers, but otherwise is pretty cheap. Our service will include all the functionality that uses y needs 99 %% of organizations.

What is the difference from basic mail service?

Unlike a basic mail service, the Corporate Mail includes shared calendars, shared agenda, file sharing, instant synchronizing thanks to Exchange ActiveSync, excellent web interface, quick configuration of mail clients, manager tasks, etc..

How much does the service cost?

Is charged per user, being the cost of each user cost of 2,95 € per month. If an user needs more space than the 3GB included in the price, you can add the space you need at a rate of 1,00 € per month per GB of space.

Once purchased, how long it takes to activate?

Activation is immediate. As soon as you do the hiring will send you an email with instructions.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Much better: the first month of service is free. Enough time to decide whether you want to stay or leave.

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