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Designed for smart professionals

We offer you the perfect combination of speed, ease of use and features.

Extraordinary speed

Your website will fly thanks to our web accelerator, the exclusive use of SSD disks and the best optimisation service for WordPress.

All technologies

Host all your PHP, Python, NodeJS or Ruby applications. Choose the version you need, adjust its configuration and view the error log.

Variety of databases

Choose the most suitable database for each project: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB or SQLite.

Multiple data centers

Improve your users' experience by hosting your projects where it suits you best: Spain, Ireland, California or Brazil.

WordPress Paradise

Optimised performance, easy installation and management, free premium themes, expert support and much more.

User-friendly interfaces

All our services are managed from the client area, which offers you a quick and easy-to-use interface.

We migrate your website for free

We take care of migrating your project's website and email to guebs, quickly and without loss of service.

Real expert support

15 years offering the best customer service, able to solve your problems quickly and without detours.

Built for ambitious projects

We give you the performance and security you need to ensure the success of your project.

Reliable and infinite infrastructure

We use the best infrastructure providers to give your project maximum stability, availability and scalability.

Proactive 24x7 monitoring

We monitor absolutely everything and, thanks to this, we detect any signs of error and act even before there is a real problem.

Comprehensive security

Not only do we apply the most effective security measures to prevent attacks and security risks, we also help you to improve the security of your website.

Daily offsite backups

We back up all our services offsite on a daily basis, which allows us to recover the service even in worst-case scenarios.

Thousands of satisfied customers

Hundreds of positive testimonials that endorse the good daily work of our team.

Greatest hosting ever experienced in the last 20 years

We had to run a very particular project without any resource in our team with the right know-how regarding cloud servers, so we couldn't manage an hosting by ourself, still we needed to have NodeJS, MongoDB and the terminal as non root for very intensive tasks.

Guebs was the ultimate choice. The team of Guebs is outstanding and forced us in a couple of occasions to develop our software just better, than we had been doing till that moment.

I'll never give up to thank them all!

Written by Fabio of

Hosting de calidad y soporte de lujo

Trabajo con guebs desde hace mucho tiempo, estamos supercontentos con ellos, tienen un servicio de soporte que responden siempre con una solución o con la explicación que necesito.
Es un servicio muy completo y muy claro (incluyen certificados SSL, que otros hostings cobran aparte)
Si pueden se encargan ellos de solucionar el asunto que toque.
La verdad es que la calidad en los alojamientos es muy buena y la información que facilitan ante novedades, problemas, soluciones etc... es perfecta.

Written by Juan Carlos of

Si tu negocio depende de la web, no puedes tenerla en otro sitio.

Creo que he perdido la cuenta de la cantidad de proveedores que había utilizado antes de dar con guebs. Probablemente todos los grandes y muchos de los pequeños. Guebs es otra cosa. No solo vas a tener muchísimos menos problemas de fiabilidad, rapidez, seguridad, es que cuando los tengas, que los tendrás, solamente ellos responden a la velocidad del rayo e intentando ayudarte desde el principio. El resto está siempre más preocupado de intentar endosarte el marrón y cerrar el ticket. Guebs no. Ellos se van a remangar contigo y a ayudarte a buscar el problema. Y ahí es cuando te das cuenta de que un proveedor es algo más que un proveedor.

No sé ni cuántos servidores tengo con ellos, lo que sé es que no los tendría en ningún otro sitio.

Written by José Javier of

Quality of service guaranteed

The quality of our services is not only felt, but also guaranteed by contract.

Total satisfaction guaranteed

We know that we offer exceptional service and that's why we offer the most generous money back guarantee: 60 days for hosting services and 15 days for servers.

Guarantee of availability

We offer a 99.9% network availability guarantee. But since everything can be improved, we can offer you a more comprehensive and demanding SLA based on your specific needs.

Guaranteed technical support

We respond to most technical queries in less than 1 hour and, in any case, we are committed to respond to all urgent queries within 12 hours.

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